Jan. 4th, 2014

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Aloha, kids!

This year, I was the ghost behind two Yule stories:

a land of ice and snow, a little holiday fluff for Nimona. The best line is not mine, but directly lifted from last year's holiday special! If you have somehow never heard of Nimona, it is clever and funny and beautiful to look at - read it all instantly! Happy Holidays, volta_arovet!

Incunabula is a crossover of Lord Peter (Sayers)+ Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel (Clarke). I fear the footnotes perhaps got a little out of hand. I will say that I have never been so intimidated by a Yule request! Baby's first Yuletide + classical education + globe-trotting + mad skills = meep! I hope I did cantsleeptemplarswillgetme proud.

While browsing the stacks, I came across some true delights, many of which I'm sure you've seen elsewhere - I've hardly had time to scratch the surface of Yuletide this year!:

Hello Operator, Give Me Number Nine. Susie Derkins plays Calvinball with death. It's got that Yuletide magic: a story you'd never have imagined, but familiar and right, just the same.

Of Buttons and Bayonettes: A Small History of the Great War. Lord Peter (Sayers). Peter and Bunter in the trenches. This story is an absolute jewel; head and shoulders above mine in every way: the horrors of war, the loyalty of good men, bittersweet but lovely as to make tears stand in your eyes.

Damask Roses. Code Name Verity. Jesus, this fandom keeps punching me in the heart. But Maddie keeps flying.

Brooklyn Nine Nine brought the girl on girl this year, and these are the standouts: It's Ladies Night (And the Feeling's Right) superfun casefic with great Amy/Rosa chemistry and a distinct lack of tutus has sterling Amy and the sass of the show right down - ditto for Based on the Evidence - I can see Amy's dismissive/pouty little face during the car scene where Rosa reminds everyone she has a boyfriend. Ha!

A little bit of Betty from Dead Like Me: Leap Before You Look - nice to see a glimpse of blink-and-you'll-miss-her bubbly Betty.

This Scandal story *kills* it: it's got the banter and the subtle power plays in every conversation Cyrus and Olivia have. This is Only a Test.

Delete Selected Email? This is, so far, my hands down Yule favorite not written specifically for me this year. Oh my god. Based on Mallory Ortberg's blogpost "The Rage of Jonathan Franzen", so read that first to prime yourself, and then continue to weep tears of laughter as you soak in the follow-up. Believe me, this is an instant fandom that will bring you great joy.


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