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Hello, hello, I had a baby about eight months ago and he has six teeth. He's very nice, if you like babies. He loves peek-a-boo the way I love Yuletide, so I hope he grows up to be an enthusiastic person who loves stuff and also things passionately but in a fun, harmless way fueled by peppy excitability and bouncy hand-holding hugjumps.

Even though I have a baby and work a full time job, I took three hours out of my day to sign up for Yuletide and think about what I'd like and daydream about friendhugs and I don't care, I'm probably going to write at least two default stories, too, who needs sleep when I have LOVE?


I am betting all kinds of cool shit. This is what I'm especially hoping for (um, may be spoilery for Raven Boys if you haven't read it):

THE RAVEN CYCLE by Maggie Stiefvater

RONON: tell me about his tattoo. Did he dream it? Did he pay someone? Did he draw it himself and hand some pencil-smeared crumpled sheet to some bored woman with a bar in her tongue and smudged eyeliner? Who was Ronon's first kiss? RONON + KAVINSKY= ???

Ronon and Adam: give me every fight off camera, every time they made up, every time they hung out without Gansey and got scabbed up with skateboards and parkour and other things Gansey was too single-minded to squander his time doing. Every look Ronon gives Adam, every time Adam notices. Orla and Adam making out at a party for... reasons.

Also: Ronon and Noah being bros! Let's all recall the beautiful time Ronon threw Noah OUT A WINDOW FOR FUN! Granted, after he was dead, but Noah's rep as a scaredy cat HAS to come from Ronon daring him to do stupid shit he was not into.

Noah almost certainly met Gansey before he met Ronon, but did Ronon meet Gansey before Noah? Whatever happened to Noah's cheating girlfriend? Was Noah just some awful tagalong dudebro before he was murdered? A kid who would drink his mother's birthday schnapps, but always regret it? Can Ronan dream him alive again? Can Ronon/Adam dream him alive again? Maybe there could be. Ghost Sex/Threesomes? Foursomes. Fivesomes, because why leave anyone out? With Blue for battery charge and kissing Noah so no one dies who isn't already dead. And Gansey needs a kiss proxy. Um. yes. Adam's 18 and technically, Noah's in his mid-twenties! Blue apparently turned 18 right before school starts in Blue Lily (even though she was only 16 when she meets the boys in April but HANDWAVE HANDWAVE HANDWAVE!) and Ronon's as old as he wants to be, since he is basically a GOD. He can dream himself up a nice birth certificate.

Ronon and Blue being bros! More than anyone else, even her cousin Orla, Blue has a Bitchface for Ronon that translates as annoyed sibling affection, and when he hugs her in the cave to keep her from falling into the void lake and hooks his chin over her shoulder: they should dance together at someone's wedding and get drunk and watch cartoons and make fun of each other, is what I'm saying. This could be the same party Adam and Orla make out at, that would be OK by me.

Gansey/Ronon and Gansey/Adam and Gansey/Blue yes yes yes to any and all above. Gansey with his clear brow and his far-seeing eyes and his ugly glasses and his tiny cardboard town.

Tell me about Calla. Who did she meet first, Persephone or Maura? Who is on the deed for the house at Fox Way?

Jimi is Maura's sister, but basically all we know about Jimi is just that. That and she's psychic and has a daughter. Orla at least has personality to spare.

How is Neeve a half-aunt? Do all the sisters share a mother? What is Neeve's dealio, anyway? How did she get so creepy? I assume she was ALWAYS creepy--but that bird mask is above and beyond - where did she get it? Is she just Evil because there are opportunities for advancement, or does she truly have a dark heart?

Declan. When the Grey Man was beating the shit out of him, I just felt... so bad for him. He's so alone, right? He's got money, but interchangeable girlfriends. Ronon hates him for... reasons that are never really explained. Declan seems to want what's best for Ronon, even though he's no one's favorite. How old was he when Matthew was "born"? How "old" was Matthew when he came to be? Did Declan have to learn to lie because he knew his father's secrets all along? Much longer than Ronon, Niall's "true" heir? Ugh, Niall is the worst. What is up with Ashley? Is she a plant, and if so, who's paying her [IS IT GANSEY II?????]; if not, does she find Declan interesting, or Declan's *family* interesting?

Does Matthew know he's a dream? Ronon didn't know it, and Declan did - but for how long?

I had this as a description of what I like in Sports Night stories, but it translates surprisingly well to the Raven Cycle: My friend Punk says, "I'm betting you probably want hugs, and maybe some good times. UST. Sweetly awkward first dates. A quest to find the perfect sweater [in Blue's case, MAKE THE PERFECT SWEATER OUT OF POMPOMs and/or FUZZY GLOVES]. Followed by a quest to defeat evil [GIVEN]. Handholding. Friendship. Make outs in the backseat of a car [IS NIALL'S DREAM BMW MAGIC IF NOT WHY NOT] [THE PIG, OBVS, NO MATTER WHO IS IN THE BACK SEAT]. Sharing a soda in the library. Rollerskating. Ice cream socials. CLAMBAKES. [***OBVIOUSLY*** THE GANSEYS HAVE A CLAMBAKE FUNDRAISER/SOCIETY WEDDING where Ronon and Blue can dance and Orla and Adam can make out] Finding a mysterious thing in the closet [CANDY FROM A BABY RE: NIALL'S CLOSETS AT THE BARNS]. Teamwork. [TEAMWORK!] A literal roll in the hay. [YES, THIS, THE BARNS, YESSSSSS]"

Hopefully I've given you a place to start.

THE QUEEN'S THIEF - Megan Whalen Turner

Obviously I will read anything about Gen doing anything: practicing his pickpocketing skills at court, teasing Costis, braiding Attolia's hair. I also love Eddis and Gen being bros and just chatting and sniping back and forth. As above, Punk's description of what I like translates nicely: "I'm betting you probably want hugs, and maybe some good times. UST. Sweetly awkward first dates [HELEN AND SOPHOS, I'M LOOKING AT YOU]. A quest to find the perfect sweater [in Gen's case, something striking to distract an enemy, or in Attolia's to intimidate someone she needs a favor from]. Followed by a quest to defeat evil [HOW DOES ONE DEFEAT AN ENTIRE EVIL EMPIRE AND/OR VOLCANO]. Handholding. Friendship. Make outs in the backseat of a car [maybe canoodling in a cart?]. Sharing a soda in the library [GEN WILL CUT YOU IF YOU SPILL COFFEE ON HIS SCROLLS]. Rollerskating. Ice cream socials. CLAMBAKES. Finding a mysterious thing in the closet [AND STEALING THEM]. Teamwork. [TEAMWORK!] A literal roll in the hay. [YESSSSSS, ATTOLIA WILL GET STRAW IN HER HAIR AND GEN WILL LAUGH AND LAUGH]"

LORD PETER WIMSEY - Dorothy L. Sayers

I would like a post-Busman's Honeymoon or post-Gaudy Night dinners and banter and sweet make outs. Bonus for mysteries! Or espionage~ Perhaps they lay one of the Wimsey ghosts to rest?

OH MAN OR: a crossover with Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries? Harriet and Phryne would get along like a house on fire: Phryne could flirt with Peter [OBVIOUSLY SHE IS AN OLD GIRLFRIEND FROM PARIS WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT] and share smart clothes with Harriet and Phryne would be adrift without Jack of course, but perhaps... Bunter might cheer her nights?



OH MAN How about a crossover with Sayers's Peter Whimsy novels? Harriet and Phryne would get along like a house on fire: Phryne could flirt with Peter [OBVIOUSLY HE IS AN OLD BOYFRIEND FROM HER DAYS IN PARIS OR A NURSE ON THE BATTLEFIELD TREATING HIS SHELLSHOCK YESSSSSSSSS] and share smart clothes with Harriet and Phryne would be adrift without Jack of course [if she's in England and the Wimsey's aren't visiting HER], but perhaps... Bunter might cheer her nights? Or perhaps Bunter's noble brow might give Dot a little crush she's dreadfully ashamed of and makes poor Hugh sigh and despair.

Sumptuous dinners and cocktail banter and sweet make outs. Bonus for mysteries! Or espionage...


Joan and Peggy and Sally and Dawn in 1982. They're all successful, natch, but what are they doing? PLEASE TO DESCRIBE and if you have Peggy and Stan still together I will hug your face and if they're not together and she's not with Joyce (at least as friends drinking and talking shit about people at expensive bars) I will weep many sad tears.


MACDONALD HALL - Gordon Korman

The guys end up at different colleges. At different grad schools. In different countries. But they do keep in touch. AND THEY FALL IN LOVE AND GET MARRIED after, I am sure, countless ridiculous hijinx. OMG if you get all epistolary on me I may have to COVER YOU IN GOLD STARS AND FESTOON YOU WITH CANDY HEARTS!!!

AS YOU SEE I am a little excited about YULETIDE YULETIDE YULETIDE yesssssssssssssssss
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