Oct. 26th, 2014

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I'm swimming at a gym. I'm not drinking ALL THE POP. I'm cooking foods FROM INGREDIENTS. I'm even reading QUALITY LITERACHUH (when I'm not reading adorable porny Teen Wolf AUs. Ah ha ha hahah: this just in, I find I have a canon issue, because Teen Wolf is pretty, but it doesn't make a lot of sense, and I have read so much AU fiction that as I was watching Season 1 and 2 [I watched part 2 of Season 3 first], I was constantly BAFFLED by how MEAN Derek is. I UNDERSTAND why he's mean: he's flailing and terrible at his job and scared out of his mind and alone alone alone the way a wolf never should be, but he's SO mean that it's totally cognitive dissonance every time I see him. Where are the hugs? Why aren't they in college or part owners of a tech startup? Why isn't Derek softly kissing the back of Stiles' neck??) ANYHOO, so much self-improving, you guys, Anne of Green Gables and Marilla would both be proud of me.

Since I somehow spend all fall waiting for Yuletide signups and then always manage to ALMOST miss them, I'm only SORT of sure I actually signed up this year, and also I was just having a total mindblank about what I even wanted for Yuletide this year, and I consulted Punk, who gave us these sage words:

"I'm betting you probably want hugs, and maybe some good times. UST. Sweetly awkward first dates. A quest to find the perfect sweater. Followed by a quest to defeat evil. Handholding. Friendship. Make outs in the backseat of a car. Sharing a soda in the library. Rollerskating. Ice cream socials. CLAMBAKES. Finding a mysterious thing in the closet. Teamwork. A literal roll in the hay."

She is not wrong. Any or all of these things would be stellar additions to almost any of the fandoms listed below.

Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater

My yuletide leanings tend to be gen, but this year I’ve got a yen for some slashy Raven Boys. Suggestive rather than explicit would be preferred, but go with your gut. And if you ARE feeling gen-y, backstory on the half-aunts ahoy!

Book Two opened the doors WIDE. Also, Kavinsky has Ronan's number. Also, 'Just the way you like it, fast and anonymous.' I mean. Dang.

Also Noah? Can Ronan dream him alive again? Can Ronon/Adam (Ronan/Adam/Blue is also a thing that could maybe happen???) dream him alive again? Maybe there could be. Ghost Sex/Threesomes? Um. yes. Adam's 18 and technically, Noah's in his mid-twenties!

Ronan/Adam: both with ridiculous power, both angry and so broken, always fighting and making up off camera. After Kavinsky, and Adam and Blue are no longer a possibility, who moves first?

Alternately: ANYTHING about any/all the half-aunts! How they met, roomed together, flashbacks to Puppy and/or all the women of the house and their pasts, romantic and otherwise.

PLUS: I somehow only just found out there's a new book, and I promise I will have read it by Yuletide, so feel free to draw from any new canon as well!!

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

I would love to see more from Eddis' point of view on anything/everything that happens in the books. I love the fact that she and Gen are FRIENDS, they are such bros, her baby bro who gives her guff but respects her so much. Obviously I will read anything about Gen doing anything: practicing his pickpocketing skills at court, hanging out with his brothers and sisters, maybe something from his grandfather's POV? I feel like Gen is the baby of the family, and an autumn crocus, too. Anything from the Magus' POV would also be rad. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL RAD OK?

Dublin Murder Squad Series - Tana French

I just re-read Broken Harbour recently, before The Secret Place came out. I was too freaked out and paralyzed by creepiness of BH the first time to really understand just how desperately lonely Scorcher is, and how very genuinely fond he was of Richie, and how Richie was fucking ADORABLE and A+ about being a good mate and second. So. If he and Richie could somehow... have ALL THE HUGS, jesus, Scorcher needs so many hugs. Please write a nice little unlikely fix it for our Scorcher?

That said, I would like to see more of anyone from the French books, in any setting you would like. I'm intrigued by the idea of Cassie haunting 'Lexie's' life - visiting her other hides and being mistaken for Lexie again and again by the people she knew. Maybe telling them Lexie was dead, penance for her ghost, maybe just... slipping back into one of Lexie's other lives and starting fresh.

How about something narrated by Sam? I feel, like, 90% sure that all that late night whiskey and hanging out together with Cassie and Rob ended in at LEAST one inappropriate kiss for/from at LEAST two people.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)

Terry is my absolute favorite, and I love what a good mom he is to Holt's Captain Dad. If you could give me some ridiculousness involving Terry trying to shepherd his motley crew to behave properly at some glitzy event (all the kids in such fancy clothes!) where there's a ton of media to dodge/placate/stay silent in the face of, that would be super fun.

In other news, I totally ship Amy with either Jake or Rosa (but PROBABLY more with Rosa, because, YES) so any goofy romantic hijinx you care to shoehorn anywhere at all would be superb. BONUS POINTS for casefic!! WOO SOLVIN' CRIMES! Bonus points for flashbacks/re-enactments!! [SIDEBAR: Boyle is fine and all, but if he ends up getting Rosa as his actual girlfriend (I am cautiously optimistic about this NOT happening in canon) I will fling myself from a mountaintop. Just: no. The Earnest Little Guy should not win "the girl" just because he wants her. ::breathes deeply::]

Sports Night

I love Danny. And Danny loves Casey. And let's face it, Casey is an *asshole*. He doesn't deserve Danny. (I am willing to entertain the idea that Danny isn't all sunshine and roses, but still. He's not an asshole as much as he is just sad, and also in love with someone who's bad for him.)

But Danny loves him, and Casey isn't irredeemable, and he loves Danny, too. If you write something happy, where Casey goes out of his way to deserve Danny? I will love you as much as Danny loves Casey. THAT IS SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. (I also love Natalie/Jeremy beyond reason, so any glimpse of them would also be especially nice. Natalie and Dana being rad pals is also gravy! How about a little gratuitous Kim, while you're at it?)

The Golem and the Jinni - Helene Wecker

As they are both basically immortal, I would like a series of vignettes, maybe every ten years, as these two meet again here and there over the years, and witness the world as she turns and changes. If a little romance was to sneak in, I would not be averse.

Thanks, Yule Santa! See you in the new year!



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