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Hello Yule Santa, 

I already love your story, because it's hand crafted especially for me.

Here is some. Additional info? Just in case. I didn't. um. ramble on excitedly for days the other day ha. yes. (Again, spoilers galore for Raven Cycle, so tread lightly if you haven't read them.)

What do you like about the canon? What do you like about the characters, if you specified?

The Raven Cycle

I love how much Gansey loves EVERYONE. I love his focus and his drive and how he wants to be something GREAT, not out of misplaced ambition, but because he feels his life isn’t his own, and that he owes it to the world (and maybe Noah in particular, now that he knows Noah’s dead) to make something good happen. I love Blue’s cluttered little crowded house, and the Pig, as much a character as Noah, really. I love Blue being practical even when she really wishes she wasn’t, or at least didn’t have to be. I love Adam trying to trust the world he has now, letting himself drift closer to the heart of it, no longer on the fringes and feeling unworthy. I love Ronon for the way he loves things: he loves Chainsaw plainly and purely, he loves Cabeswater elementally, he loves his friends the only way he can: truly but through a bitter filter, and he loves his family – probably even Declan. (What would have happened, I wonder, if Ronon had, say, answered Declan’s phone call and come upon The Gray Man meticulously beating his brother half to death? Things, I think, would have turned out very differently. Man, what the hell was the Ronon Gansey knew before Niall’s death even like? Did he already hate Declan? Gansey likely met Niall—what did they think of each other?)

The Queen’s Thief

I love that Gen GROWS UP. He stops being a brash, willful little self-involved punk (even though his intentions were always good). He BECOMES. I love that Attolia lets herself love him and lets herself trust the world again, even though the threats against her and her nation are probably greater than ever. I love that Eddis is their friend before she’s a ruler. I love that Costis loved Gen ages before he knew he did, and that Gen loves him unswervingly, and maybe did (just a little) even before he chose poor Costis as his unwitting linchpin. I love that Sophos is going to blush every time he touches Eddis’ hand for, like, a solid year.

Lord Peter Whimsey Mysteries

I love how self-aware Peter is, and how invested he is, and how much compassion he has for the murderers.  I love how short-tempered Harriet can be, and how she suffers no fools, and how she fights being in love with Peter for ages (for what, isn't it like SEVEN YEARS?), right until she can't anymore and then goes all in.  I have always, I should admit, been a little disappointed in her for not solving Gaudy Night before Peter, but then she was handicapped by a threat to her sanity and her ideals and the place she held as a sanctuary and everybody was freaking out, so. I forgive. I do love when Harriet finally admits she loves Peter (and I love how Peter finally REALLY understands why his constant/playful/earnest proposals were maybe kind of inappropriate and even, dare I say it, bullying.) Bunter always felt perhaps a little underdeveloped, his noble devotion to Peter aside, so if you wanted to write something from his POV, I would dig it!

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Phryne is witty and elegant, but kind and thoughtful. She feels for the people she’s dealing with, and that’s why she’s always adopting the neediest kids. I love her tasteful chapeaus but I love the way she really looks at people, and so humanely, best. I do adore the way she loves Jack, it just glows out of her, and he's so entranced and fighting it so hard, poor fellow. YEARNING!

Mad Men

I love it best when the ladies OWN IT. When Joan lets someone know that she’s got their number, when Peggy kills it at a presentation, or loses her shit and lets people HAVE IT when someone’s mean to her. Dawn, quiet but wise to timing, and carving a place for herself with both confidence and competence. I love it when they’re on top of their game, and taking the time to enjoy the moment – like when Sally decided to kiss the scientist kid who had a sense of wonder instead of the sneering hot guy during the moon walk. In that instant, we knew Sally would definitely not grow up to her mother. She would choose for herself.

MacDonald Hall

Gordon Korman must have loved his school. Bruno’s schemes are fundamentally big-hearted, if often misguided (at least back when he was 12). Bruno’s irrepressible spirit, his can-do attitude and his grand plans are the reason MacDonald Hall is so delightful – but Bruno would be half the man he is without his friend Boots. That constant, solid, if sometimes sighing, eye-rolling and reluctant, support made Bruno great. Bruno believes in himself, yes, but without Boots to believe in him, too, he would probably just be... delusional. And maybe even imaginary altogether.  BRUNO/BOOTS 5EVA!!!eleventy!!111!!

What kind of stories do you like/dislike, what you like about these particular fandoms/characters, fandom-specific prompts?

While I have found a cathartic cry both beautiful and satisfying, at the end of the day, I will always prefer a happy ending.  I don't care for maiming injuries or major character deaths (drawing room murders and/or ghosts don't apply to this, natch).  I love any kind of close relationship, be it best friends or passionate lovers.  I just want everyone to be happy, basically.

How do you feel about crossovers and AUs of various sorts?

I love crossovers.  ADORE them!  (You may have noticed that I have been plainly angling for a Wimsey/Fisher mystery!) I tend to love them best if I know both fandoms, so there's that, but mostly: <3.  I dig an elegant mashup, man. And since characterization is my FAVORITE, and clever AUs can make characters pop, bring it on!

What genre (sff/action/romance/procedural/character study, etc) do you like/dislike?

I like everything! I am not kidding. Every time I’m like, eh, that’s not my favorite, then someone will write something amazing and I’ll be all, hey! THAT’S PRETTY GOOD. I would say what my actual least favorite is, but I fear you’d take it as a gauntlet being thrown.

Do you have any squicks/triggers/things generally you don't want?

I don't like humiliation or hate or physical suffering (I would probably make an exception in Gen’s case, since his work is so dangerous/demanding) or misogyny, but I feel like you'd never write stuff like that anyway, Yule Santa!!

How do you feel about het/gen/slash/femslash?

Yes, please! I can be persuaded of poly (RAVEN BOYS YESSSSSS), but in general, I like to keep it to two people (who love each other!) in bed at a time.

OMG, though now I kind of want Peter/Harriet/Phryne... a really lot?

Do you have tropes/details/kinks you like particularly?

"Happy Ending" is probably my main trope.  I don't think that's even a trope, really, but.  I love me a good body swap, actually, and maybe above all others PRETEND BOYFRIENDS/GIRLFRIENDS. WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE???? (por ejemplo: Phryne/Harriet posing to infiltrate a society of wealthy lesbians, to learn who REALLY killed Lady Ladidahblahblahblah! Orla/Adam, or Helen/Adam for realsies pretending as bros to fuck with someone, but RONON/ADAM until oops! they FALL IN LOVE.) I think that could work in just about every fandom I’ve ever been in.

What ratings do you prefer?

I love all ratings, and dig the most modest to the most explicit; sometimes just having someone brush the backs of their fingers against the back of someone else's hand can be infinitely sigh-deeply satisfying – I might find TRIPLE X a little jarring in a Wimsey story or Queen’s Thief, but those modern kids in Henrietta can be all they can be.


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